Hi Everyone, this is my rigging reel.

These are all the rigs I’ve built for my short film Drunken Moon. Rigging , like scripting, is FUN! Many animators don’t find that so… but luckily nowadays there are lots of Autorigging scripts that make this process much much easier. These were made in the early years when I made the film, built piece by piece and renamed bone by bone manually. *Phew*

I think every rigger should try this first, then go on to scripts. Sometimes the scripts are so automated, I have no control of what’s coming in and why certain things have to be grouped THIS or THAT way. Causing files to lag and unnecessary bugs, which takes you double the time to check and debug. Well of course, if you understand what the script does, its a totally different matter. Finding you own solutions is what makes it fun!

Leave a comment if you have any tips to share or comments on my rig. Cheers!

Drunken Moon Rigs


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