Simple FKIK switch

Just met up with a problem at work and I’m going to help my colleague with creating a script with FKIK snapping capabilities. I’m probably going to work on it for 5min then digress to infinity so I figured I should write down the pseudo code.

– make the final FK controller a variable
– find out the Controller’s worldspace (xform), Translate and Rotate
– make the middle knee joint a variable
– find out the objects worldspace (xform), Translate
– find out original rotation values of Joints — > O.R.

If my current selection is an FK controller,
find out the controller’s worldspace and move the IK controller to that exact location
then find out the knee joint’s worldspace co-ordinates and place the pole vector’s parent
group exactly at the knee and maybe local translate the knee controller out a little.
Switch to IK ,
turn off visibility of FK controllers

If my current selection is an IK,
I’ll have to find out the rotation value of my IK / result joints. Current Rotation – (O.R) = value
to pipe to FK controller.
Do the same for all bones
Switch to FK,
turn off visibility of IK controller and polevector.



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