A nice little short  french tv series pilot I found on vimeo. The characters are so cute! Love the style and colors.



2 thoughts on “Calimero

  1. Sorry to intrude, but I found your site through I live in France, but recently visited Singapore and was checking out what’s up in the animation industry… Anyhow, I saw that you posted something about Calimero! The company I currently work for is doing the animation and rendering on the show! It’s actually not a short film, but the pilot for a TV series! I think there’s 104 episodes in the pipeline (over 3 seasons)… so there’s much more to come! ^_^ And just for additional information, it’s based on an old Italian TV series (which I loved when I was a kid). You can check it out here:

    Ok, that was all. Sorry about that. Just wanted to let you know.

    Kind Regards,

    • Hi Nicole, thanks for correcting me. In singapore we haven’t seen this short when we were young that’s why the confusion. Oh so you were here? I hope you had a good time.
      And looking at the awesome quality of the show I totally mistook it for a short! Usually tv series don’t have such good quality. May I know which company you work for?

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