My most anticipated Linux OS

These few days the net has been blazing about Elementary OS Luna Beta1. It is perhaps my most anticipated OS. I just hope that my Linux games I bought from Ubuntu software center still work on this new OS (can any Luna users shed some light on this?).   Looks very speedy and slick and everything I would want from Fedora (‘s multiple desktop) and Ubuntu’s apps.Their start button displays apps a little to the pro side. Meaning you would have to be more in tuned to Linux apps to know what is what.

I like the developers. I think they are very dedicated in creating their software, just like the way Steve Jobs was going OCD in the OSX.  Their blog has alot of their own thoughts on buttons that users need now. (coz it seems with the recent surge of phone apps, the minimize button has been integrated with the close button). I also like the participation of the online community about issues like these. All in all, I’d say Luna is a very well thought through distro. I’m not a pro and I probably will not risk testing the beta but I hope they will do a LTS(long term support) version soon . And the desktop and windows is just soooo beautiful …..

Moving on, the next is an uber cool distro from the french , Voyager OS. Its a little like Windows 8 ‘s logon screen on as your desktop. Running XFCE , its probably the fastest ubuntu spin-offs. It looks like Cinnamon from Linux Mint on the start menu, very basic and user friendly for the new users. I mean there’s a menu for “Internet” and that will be where you find your browsers and the menu “Multimedia” will display your video and music apps.

The thing I think most new users struggle with is that, how are they supposed to know what apps “Banshee” or “Clementine” means? So Voyager OS takes care of that with their start menu. Basically besides the need to install a Language Support. Voyager is pretty cool.


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