Interview with an Animator

Came across an interview of a colleague of mine regarding dream seekers.

A touching interview of how she gave up a high salaried teaching career to pursue a career in animation. Touching also because in this company which we love, this video is somesort like last documentary of the place. The people inside where everyone is sitting, what is the color of the wall.

Being an animator in Singapore is tough. To translate, she said that as a junior it is very tough. Needs alot of perseverance , determination. You will receive alot of retakes and you’ll have to take it all in. We work on a contract basis so we re-contract every 6 months so stability is definitely an issue around here.

Nobody will know when can she attain her dream of working in Pixar or Dreamworks. But she has taken the first step of knowing what she wants to do and every other step will take her closer to her goal. I hope she finds it. Good luck Karen!!


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