The party’s over, but oh well… lets go on to !!!

As many industry people in Singapore has heard, yes (unfortunately) , my company has fallen, no not really into the dark side although having a new coat of black paint and Frank Frezetta models strut around my office would be very much appreciated. The reason for this , as an employee in a public space , I would not comment , but hey , as long as I am still alive, things couldn’t be that bad. So now… I probably have some spare time to script. I’ve got a new script today!

Its a simple one and still in early stages. Its prGrab! Basically, grabbing stuff in maya is a pain. u have to select parent then child… then u have to setKeyframe to the child, and then! u realize….. its the end, your child is not movable anymore. Well… we usually have ways to go around it which is quite simple, just add a proxy in between. I just wanted to automate this process.

Instructions :
select parent, then child, then run the grab() function
-what you have done is just simply adding a prGrabLocator in btwn your parent and your child. So now, you can still animate your child.

To release, select the prGrabLocator (which is kinda small but it is right in the middle of your child object controller) and run the releaseGrab() function



(going through some re-structuring in my mediafire account so here is the new location of prSnap, I’m in the process of making these 2 into a combined prAnimTools kinda deal so UI and everything. Stay tuned!! )

Actually I’m a fan of maya’s script editor. COLORS!!! its totally awesome to have it. Look at how pretty everything looks. *mesmerize* o_0


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