Finalized the maya snapping script – prSnap

Phew… intense day today.

Finding some bugs in the script and also making it more “intelligent” it seems after some beta testing, some animators already had problems with the “cleanup” button. Apparently, the script cannot recognize other locators that were created before.

2nd problem, it used to be only able to target 1 object once. And you have to clean up, if not, it doesn’t work. Now , it can target multiple objects, multiple times and u can keep the locators there for infinity!!! Until you choose to cleanup.

I imbued in a “prAwesomeLocator*” checker. Listing all locators with “prAwesomeLocator*” as prefix and appending it to a Global list DaLocator.  Then when I run the script, I’ll run this checker before the uiMain(). neat eh?

So here it is, the final at least for now. Sept 24th update.


Note to self : this checker I’d probably be able to use in similar scripts. Next goal is to add. Object grabber.



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