Working on new maya script

Its kinda relaxed these few days in office, maybe becoz my wedding is coming up and my lead is giving me less workload. I made a script today. Usually when we imported walk cycles into the scene, we’re lazy and we move the world controller. This is a bad idea and makes the character feet slide.

So the pseudo code goes like this : Target (foot)

2. create a locator(worldspace) exactly in the location of the Target

3.parentConstraint the Target to the locator and then delete the parent constraint.

4.move to next frame

(repeat Step 3 and 4)

Pretty neat (at least for me), but took me like almost 4hrs including debugging and creating UI and making the pipeline work for everyone in the company.  Anw it might be still buggy but you can try using it and tell me how it goes. Any problems or ideas email me at with title : “prSnap”



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