Linux Distro watch 17th Sept

This is probably the first time you’re hearing about this. But I’m an Ubuntu lover. I love the linux community and the vast number of projects that are currently being developed. Particularly making Ubuntu a much much better GUI than windows. The result is an awesome blend of Mac and PC and something extra.

I wouldn’t call myself a geek. Coz I’m still figuring things out. I would really much like to be one, but … if you have problems typing things on the terminal (the equlivant of command prompt in windows). You don’t qualify. These are 2 videos about linux and for those who think linux is some type interface OS , you’ll be decently amazed.

Ubuntu 12.10 the OS under development. I’m using 12.04 now and the new HUD is going to get better with a preview option.  Once you started with linux , you’ll realize, clicking is a waste of time. Every single thing can be done faster with the keyboard.

Voyager OS from France. A little rebelious look to the XFCE desktop. XFCE is commonly known for boring , vanilla desktops layouts (yes in linux , you can choose from a variety of desktops to use and if you want you can preview all of them with a software … ). The wallpaper and HUD changer, is stunning. Its like what windows 8 should have been but isn’t.

If you want to, you can probably leave a partition of your HDD for installing a version of linux. The versions out there are limitless and it updates onto all distros almost as soon as the new update is released. I highly recommmend Ubuntu or Linux mint for the beginning user.

First of all its free for LIFE ! and all updates are so too. And… you can preview it without installing it anytime. Just go to the Ubuntu or linux mint webby, download the image and follow their instructions to burn it into a DVD and just restart your computer with it inside your drive. No drivers to install … Period. Everything works in the preview!! So go check it out y’all!


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