Drawing talk

Went to a drawing talk 2 days ago. I was thinking $5 is kinda cheap to go for a talk that would probably improve my drawing. So a bunch of colleagues and I brought our hopes and dreams to be a better draughtsman/woman to a place called “The hub”. Turns out the speaker is openly quoting from a book ” Drawing on the right side of the brain ” now freely available on pdf here : http://bitkel.com/30_life_changing_books/The%20New%20Drawing%20on%20the%20Right%20Side%20of%20the%20Brain.pdf

Basically it was about how our left brain try to make icons of the objects we see while the right brain is the one we really wanna rely on when we are drawing from what we see. After 2hrs these are the results :

Contender 1 : (left brain)

Contender 2 : (right brain) drawn opposite

Contender 3 : negative space

If you think there is a difference btwn contender 1 and 2, thanks for being kind to me. Man… and years ago I thought going into art school might change me into Picasso or something. With a purple buret and a paintbrush, I’ll rule them all with my painting. Yea I can now officially rule over 12 year old me or Picasso, if he was a retard. But now with a pencil, this is what I can do. TT__TT . I heard there is a vacancy for janitor in my block.


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