Trauma with Singtel

Had a disastrous day today with an encounter with a Singtel technical support appointment. We sort of, hit our expiry with a good internet experience.
The modem just stopped working suddenly. And no one can call our home and we were like the survivors of a rural earthquake. No connection with the outside world.
The technician came after 4 days and came to replace the modem and apparently, it was supposed to be a normal bullshit thing that happens when ur modem starts getting old. That was when I realized, Singtel just really gave me a modem akin to shit. Maybe a close neighbor to bullshit and they say hi to each other when they go to work for about 6months before they develop cancer and die.
The New modem worked for a full 60min! And we couldn’t scan for it anymore. It should be in the Guinness book of early modem deaths.
I asked me wife to switch it off and on again, which was a regular thing we do. And from then on, everything broke down. We were back to stone age.
Give me back my freedom!
After another 60min of calling Singtel I finally got to their staff to get the tech to go back to my house to fix it.
And he reprimanded my wife for turning the modem off and on! Fuck u! Nobody scolds my wife! U replaced a faulty modem with another faulty one and u DARE! Reprimand her? My wife is a nice lady alright? And it is not her bloody fault!
She didn’t try to argue and u did not do a good job. Period!
If turning on and off a modem can spoil it, it is true tt u gave me a piece of junk! So next time u wanna shuff some of your bullshit stories, please know who you’re dealing with.


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