Teaching your children

Came across an article today about the difference between what rich and poor parents teach their children. The latter seem to be more pessimistic, work just for survival ( even in a job that they don’t like ) and mostly believe more in skills rather than knowledge. 

In the whole survey, it didn’t mention anything about kindness,  courage or anything not pertaining to profit. Indeed, this study has perhaps outlined what we care about. Money.

I remembered reading off an introduction of a children’s park in Seoul. And indeed that’s what they called it. “children’s grand park”. In the park , it is completely free for anyone to come and there is a gigantic football field sized playground. An indoor and an outdoor botanical garden, with butterflies , insects and birds. And a freakin Zoo!

And on the plate at the entrance it wrote this ” This park was inaugurated by Mr (so-and-so) in the hope that the children of Korea will grow up healthy, courageous and wise”

I wonder if, had the researchers read these words, would they feel a certain insignificance about their research? And I truly wonder if MOE had used this direction to educate our children, the strength in the minds of a typical Singaporean kid. Man! Can u imagine the possibilities??


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