This is one of my old videos. Won an award for it haha. Free laptop and HDV camera. Remembered I was in Hong Kong when I got the call from AVID.  You’ve won! haha superb news when I really needed a laptop.

Anyway this was intended to be a personal project until I saw the ads all over my school. But I don’t think many people know about this competition. Its one of those relatively unknown competitions with very lucrative prizes. But hey, I was competing with people from Southeast Asia, Australia, China and Japan! It was a little milestone for me. Click the link below for the winning announcement.

Read about it here


2 thoughts on “Longing

  1. nicee, i like the sound design! havent attempted this sort of thing yet.

    oh, ur friend YY, i like some of her stuff too… shes frm NJ?! pretty exciting man, i want to see more adm grads’ portfolio/blog!

    (sry, in advance, if im going to be spam ur blog w my comments…)

  2. Oh yea… She’s from NJ. I posted wei keong’s site as well… but stay tuned. I am going to put another link. My friend’s company. Will be damn good ar.

    No sorry la, comments are welcomed. Makes me feel like somebody at least bothers to look at my posts.

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